Library Policies

Prohibited Internet Uses

Prohibited uses include:

  • Deliberate breaching of security
  • Downloading of music, movies, television programs or copyrighted materials through file-sharing programs or peer-to-peer sites
  • Sending of abusive, threatening, harassing or offensive messages or material
  • Sending chain letters*
  • Pyramid investment schemes*
  • Mail forgery
  • Junk mail*
  • Operating shady money-market schemes*
  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information
  • Deliberate interference with the work of others
  • Introduction of computer viruses
  • Child pornography
  • Promotion of activities that violate federal, state, and local laws
  • Promotion of activities that violate U.S. export restrictions
  • Unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software
  • Online gambling services (including sports wagering)
  • Selling term papers
  • Some materials, while not illegal, may be offensive or distasteful to other people. Users are requested to show consideration while using the facilities and avoid displaying such materials. The Library reserves the right to determine if a site is appropriate for public viewing.

*E-mail scams