Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Equity Statement, Core Values, & Strategic Plan

Core Values

ACCESS - We provide pathways to information and tools for empowerment.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We are all responsible for and take pride in our work.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - We provide an excellent library user experience to all. We embrace training opportunities and library user feedback.

INNOVATION - We seek out and embrace new ideas. We encourage better solutions and creativity.

INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM - We encourage the right of every individual to seek and receive information from all points of view.

PARTNERSHIPS - We actively seek out ways to work with members of the community and other organizations. We can all do more if we do it together.

PRESERVATION - We preserve and celebrate the rich and diverse culture of New Orleans.

RESPECT AND COMPASSION - We approach our work with open ears, open minds, and open hearts.

TEAMWORK - We value our individual and collective talents and work together to achieve solutions. We trust and respect each other.

Core Values Video: Several library staff members share their thoughts on the Library's Core Values.