Best Buy Teen Tech Center

The Best Buy Teen Tech Center is an interest-based learning environment for teens to experiment and master various new technologies with help from their peers and adult mentors. They can then share their work with other teens across the globe through The Clubhouse Network.

The center is equipped with technology and multimedia tools that can be used for music and video production, interactive programming, graphic design, and much more.

Internet Safety Guidelines

The Internet offers a new world of experiences that can be educational, culturally enriching and rewarding. It can help increase school performance and future job potential. However, the Internet can also expose you to unsafe situations. As a member of the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at the New Orleans Public Library, it is your responsibility to protect yourself and the reputation of the Center by using the Internet safely. The following guidelines are to help members, mentors, staff and parents explore the Internet safely.

● Do not give out personal information such as your home address, telephone number, relatives' names, parents' or guardians' work address, name or location of your school, your picture or other private information. Do not ever provide your social security number or your parents' credit card numbers over the Internet.
● It is okay to create an online nickname to protect yourself. It is okay to use your first name or a nickname and an email address to receive information, but do this with caution. Beware of contests and surveys that may use your information for unauthorized purposes.
● On your own web page, follow the above guidelines. Use only your first name or a nickname. Any picture of yourself should be disguised in some way to protect your identity.
● When using your email account, please take responsibility to uphold the reputation of the Best Buy Teen Tech Center which you represent. Use appropriate language, speak with respect, guard your personal information and remember that email is never really private. Only say things you would say to a group of people. Keep your password private. Do not use email for practical jokes or to carry on an angry conversation called "flaming".
● Never agree to meet anyone in person whom you meet over the Internet. It is impossible to know who you are really talking to. If someone encourages you to meet them, tell a staff member.
● If you receive messages that are mean or make you feel uncomfortable, tell a staff member or mentor. It is not your fault if you get a message of this kind and you have no responsibility to answer. If in doubt, check it out with an adult.
● Remember that information on the Internet can be incorrect, misleading or inappropriate. Check more than one source and use your judgment.
● If using the Internet at home, make sure your parents or guardians are aware of your activities. Discuss the Internet Safety Guidelines with your parents or guardians. Share your experience with your parents and family to help them explore the Internet safely.
● Visit for more information on using the internet safely.